Who did not urgently need a certain amount of money, perhaps because of a strike of the washing machine or because of the need to finance the move. Not everyone wants to replenish their account and pay terrible interest for it, and not everyone has good friends or relatives who can lend money. So what to do Simply put, the solution is the so-called micro loan, a small loan with a small amount of credit and for a short period of time.

Most banks want to sell the most expensive loan with a long term, because it is the only way for banks to earn money. Not that in Xpresscredit, because in Xpresscredit has a fast loan with a small amount of credit, which is valid only for a short time.

Xpresscredit is part of the Ferratum Group, and its motto is: “More than money for everyone”, more than just money for everyone. Xpresscredit has an international position and operates in 25 locations around the world, from Russia to New Zealand and from Finland to Australia. Ferratum was founded in 2005, which made it one of the first companies offering practical microcredits in Europe. Today Xpresscredit offers small loans of up to 600 euros and up to 45 days.

What makes Xpresscredit so special is the ability to quickly and safely send a loan request through your smartphone or tablet, and if the credit check is correct, the money is just as quickly credited to your account. Xpresscredit works with so-called one-time passwords to prevent Internet fraudsters and hackers from having a chance. Each mobile transaction sends a new password to the client via SMS, and this password becomes invalid again as soon as the transaction is completed.

Anyone who wants to take a loan naturally wants to know in advance how expensive the loan will be. Therefore, the VEXCASH homepage has a practical loan calculator that customers can use. The desired loan amount and the planned term are entered in the loan calculator, and after a few seconds the loan calculator shows how high the monthly repayment payments are. With this loan calculator anyone can accurately calculate how much a loan will cost each month.

To get a micro loan from Xpresscredit, you need to take only three steps. In the first step, the loan calculator is used to determine the amount and term of the loan. The following applies to new customers: You can only take a loan of up to 500 euros. A higher amount of 300 to 600 euros is only possible with a second loan. In the second step, you must enter your personal data. This personal data also includes a certificate of registration, such as a current electricity bill. The data are then sent to Xpresscredit by e-mail.

The data of the identity card or passport are then uploaded to verify the identity and in the third step the customer must choose a guarantee and then can choose between a normal or express transfer. Once all the data have been transferred to Xpresscredit, the money will be in the account in just a few hours.

Minimum threshold:
– credit amount:50,00 €
– Credit period:30 days
– eff. Interest rate (10.36%):0,43 €
– Monthly rate: 50,43 €
– Total amount: 50,43 €

Maximum threshold:
– credit amount:2000,00 €
– Credit period:62 days
– eff. interest rate (10.36%):26,44 €
– 2-Rate Option 229.00 €
– Monthly rate: 1127,72 €

Total amount:2255,44 €Everyone who needs a loan, wants a quick and easy loan. However, in most banks this is not possible, because approving a loan may take some time. In addition, banks are reluctant to provide small loans for short periods. In Xpresscredit everything looks different, because this financier gives not only loans without normal documents, but also small loans from 199 euros with short terms from one week to 45 days.

Xpresscredit microloans are ideal for those who do not want to get into excessive debt and do not want to overspend their current account with overdraft. Quick, easy and very reliable – this is a credit offer from Xpresscredit, and if you want you can also safely apply for a mini-credit with a smartphone or tablet.

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