If at the end of the month there is no money left, many people overdraft their account and take sometimes very high interest rates on this overdraft. Microcredits from VEXCASH prove that they can also be much cheaper. The Berlin company has been offering micro loans since 2011 and was the first provider of short-term loans in Germany. Until February 2013, the company worked in close cooperation with the net m 1894 Privatbank and thus was able to offer its customers a fully licensed range of loans.

Short-term loans are always a good alternative if the overdraft does not want to be used or if the housing bank does not offer a loan for short periods. Short-term loan can be taken in the period from 30 days to 6 months and therefore is always something like an advance on the next salary or salary.

What additional options are offered?
VEXCASH-AG offers its customers a number of different options. The express option is ideal for those who need to get a certain amount of money as soon as possible. This can happen, for example, if the machine suddenly breaks down or the washing machine stops working.

If a short-term loan is approved, the money can be credited to your account within half an hour. However, a prerequisite is that the client has a current account in Germany and that all necessary documents and signed contracts are provided before 2 p.m. of the working day.
Calculate the loan quickly and easily

Anyone who wants to take a loan, of course, wants to know in advance how expensive it will cost in detail. Therefore, the homepage VEXCASH has a practical credit calculator that customers can use. The desired loan amount and the planned term are recorded in the credit calculator, and in a few seconds the credit calculator will show how high the monthly payments to repay the loan. With this credit calculator everyone can calculate exactly how much the loan will cost each month.

With or without a criminal record?
As with each loan, VEXCASH also performs a credit check on the creditworthiness of the customer. If the customer has given a written affidavit within the last three years, then no short-term loan can be issued. Even if there is a valid warrant of arrest or ongoing legal proceedings against the client, no loan can be granted. However, all clients who have only a negative note in their court files can obtain a loan. VEXCAASH gives these clients the opportunity to become liquid again with a loan, the amount and term of which is always within a manageable range.

Short-term loan VEXCASH offers you a loan amount from 100 to 1000 euros for a period of 7 to 30 days. For beginners, the maximum loan amount is limited to 500 euros. With a 2-percent option, the loan can be extended up to 60 days, and for existing customers VEXCASH offers a 6-percent option. The Berlin company has been offering micro loans in Germany since 2011, making it the first provider on the market. Since February 2013 VEXCASH has been cooperating with net-m Privatbank 1891 and can therefore offer a fully licensed loan offer.

We tested the service on VEXCASH several times on different days and at different times by phone and email. E-mail support service replies reached us within 4-5 hours.
Telephone support is available on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00. During our test call, we immediately contacted the customer service representative. He told us about the product and answered all our questions in a friendly and detailed manner.

Fast and paperless application processing in just 3 easy steps:
– Fill out online online application form
– Carry out video identification with the bank employee, providing him/her with the necessary documents in full form
– Get money to the specified account

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