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Top reasons for easyCredit

Desired amount from 1,000 to 75,000 euros
Desired term from 12 to 84 months
No specified purpose
Flexibly adjust / suspend loan installments
Repayment in constant monthly installments
Special repayment and replacement possible at any time

What defines a loan from easyCredit?

By borrowing from easyCredit you can finance important purchases and unexpected events, or you can make your long-awaited dreams come true. For your easyCredit loan, choose an amount of 1,000 to 75,000 euros. The flexible and freely selectable loan amount is one of the features that distinguish easyCredit.

Furthermore, with a loan from easyCredit you are not tied to any specified purpose – you decide what you want to use your desired amount for.

Borrowing should be as easy and convenient as possible for you. Choose whether you would like to order your easyCredit as a quick online loan, with personal advice in a branch of our partners near you or by telephone. We offer you our excellent service on all order channels and are happy to make you a non-binding loan offer.
easyCredit at a glance – a short video

Quick, easy and, if you wish, with personal advice at a bank near you
What are the requirements for a loan?

A potential borrower at easyCredit basically has to meet the following requirements so that we can make him a loan offer:

Of age
Main residence in Germany
Regular income
Valid identification document

To ensure that no stranger takes out a loan on your behalf, easyCredit carries out an identity check before each loan is taken out.

Your credit rating also plays a role in the loan request. In order to be able to better assess your creditworthiness, easyCredit asks various credit agencies such as B. SCHUFA. Your SCHUFA score is one of several features that are used to check creditworthiness. However, a loan request from easyCredit does not have any negative effects on your SCHUFA score or your creditworthiness, because we only ask for conditions as a standard.
How do I get my loan paid off particularly quickly?

With easyCredit with account view, you can take out your loan immediately online in 10 minutes – as an instant loan, so to speak. After we have taken a single look at your current account, your loan will be decided immediately and paid out after a successful online contract. You usually have up to 25,000 euros in your account the next working day, because easyCredit is MORE FAST.

What we need from you for the loan application:

Valid ID
Access data for your current account with online banking (for a single look at your account)
For the online contract conclusion: Computer with webcam and a smartphone or alternatively a smartphone with the easyCredit app installed

Do not worry! Your data is in safe hands with us. What is an account view? Why is this necessary? How safe is it? We answer important questions about easyCredit with account overview here.
Conclude a credit agreement completely online

The conclusion of a contract with easyCredit with account view takes place completely online, just like the loan request, and includes the following steps:

Start the online contract conclusion with your personal inquiry number and your date of birth.
Then start the video chat. You will be connected to a service employee who will guide you through the legitimation step by step. You will need your ID for this.
After successful identification, you will have the contract pages to be signed; please check them carefully. We will then send you an mTAN on your smartphone so that you can sign the contract completely digitally.
Done, that was it! After a successful order, you will receive your complete credit agreement.

In this video we show you the individual steps again.

Do you need a loan amount of more than 25,000 euros or are you reluctant to allow us an account view? No problem! Here you can enter your desired amount and the desired loan term. After successful completion, your money will be in your account in one to three working days.
The credit that can do more.

MORE TRANSPARENT – The loan without any hidden costs.
MORE FLEXIBLE – The loan with a flexible financial reserve.
MORE SMART – Your credit line – recalculated daily in the customer portal.
MORE INDIVIDUAL – Easily adjust loan installments.

How can I calculate a loan?

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