Raiffeisenbank has been working in the financial services market since June 10, 1996. It was included in the register of participants of the compulsory deposit insurance system.
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, the founder did his best to make life easier for the peasants in the struggle for survival, starting with the creation of volunteer cooperatives.

Despite this, it soon became clear that volunteer activities and charity events are not objective enough and do not lead to the desired result. The mayor realized that organized mutual assistance will be the lever that will help the Bank to become a leader. At present, RBG own the most extensive branch network in the country and represents about a quarter of all banking business in Austria.

The credit organization offers the following financial products to its customers: The number of deposit programs offered by the bank see the pages of specific products.

The most favorable conditions for the following offers: Stable growth, Successful Start (Premium), Freedom of action.

Debit cards. The number of products offered by the bank – 12, the maximum rate on the balance – 4.00%.

– No information needed;
– No guarantors required;
– No collateral is needed;
– Borrower may be unemployed;
– Loan amounts have a small threshold (on average from $30,000 to $500,000).

– High interest rates;
– Low chance of approval;
– It is necessary to have a bank card;
– More disadvantageous conditions relative to other programs.

The number of consumer loans offered by the bank – 5, the minimum rate – 7.99%, terms and limitations are described in detail on the card of each offer.

Popular products – Personal, For Premium customers, For wage customers.

The number of housing loan programs that the bank offers – 17, the minimum rate on mortgages – 4.99%, all details on the links: Mortgage with maternity capital, Cottage in the secondary market, the mortgage from the developer in the housing estate.

Car loans. Program – 3, the rate on the loan – 7.99%.

Credit cards. Program – 9, the minimum rate of 9%, the availability of a grace period, special bonuses and discounts, popular programs: Austrian Airlines-MasterCard World, MasterCard Gold Package, Cash Back for all Premium.

Current sales/purchase rate of Euro – 93.60/87.25,

The cost of the dollar when selling and buying – 78.80/73.45.

General data:
Raiffeisenbank’s indicators in the ratings in Europe: place in the rating on assets – 10; the amount of assets – 1 268 544 million euros; place in the rating on deposits – 36; total deposits – 57 178 million euros; place in the rating on loans – 10; the amount of funds on loans – 289 095 million euros.

The quality of corporate governance, risk management, compliance and business process organization is assessed as high, methods and experience of the international banking group are used.

– A substantial stock of liquid assets is maintained.

– The Bank meets capital adequacy requirements (N1.0 = 13.074%, N1.1 = 11.127% as of 01.06.2018, with threshold 8% and 4.5% respectively).

– Good quality of loan portfolio and high level of balance overdue debt (as of 01.06.18 under RAS for retail loan portfolio – 2,02%, for loans granted to legal entities – 2,57%).

– The Bank has been steadily profitable for over 10 years.

Based on the results of the risk assessment, there are no restrictions on the placement of funds in the Bank’s financial instruments. In case of a stressful situation, the Bank is highly likely to receive support from the state and its main shareholder.

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