PCB is famous for being the main Bank of the Perking region for a long time, more than a hundred years. The bank is known for having firmly managed the banking business throughout this time and has worked tirelessly to doing everything they can. The bank has achieved incredible results and can be proud of its success and management system.

The history of the bank’s Foundation is striking in its purposefulness. It was founded in 1898 and only nine years later the state of Oklahoma was formed. All the PCB had at that time was a small authorized capital.

Over the next four years, the bank operated and developed in poor conditions. And in 1903, the bank was able to expand and build a new building, as well as increase its revenue and customer flow. Subsequently, two influential banks merged, which allowed the PCB to gain more influence and popularity. The Bank of Perkins helped provide the Bank with a stable position and great influence.

At the moment, the Payne Country bank is a state-owned bank and is owned by employees. One of the main obligations of the bank, due to which it is given priority in serving the majority of residents of the district, is all possible participation in various civic groups and events. A thriving PCB offers many unique opportunities and has an individual approach to each client.


Personal crediting

Quick and convenient processing and matching of installment payments according to your needs. All loan decisions are made right here in Perkins, Oklahoma.

– Personal Loans

– Mortgages and loans for real estate

– Car loans

– Sale

Rate of 3%, the amount of credit from $ 1000, the term of 1 month – 15 years.
A preliminary decision up to 4 days
Without collateral
No proof of income

Fair conditions
– No hidden charges. Overpayment is affected only by the size of the interest rate.
– Reduce the rate by 1.3% if there is no early repayment and overdue payments during the first year.
– We guarantee the rate of 7.9% after reduction, if you take more than 100.000$ – provided that you receive a salary or pension on our bank card.

We offer a full range of loans to meet your personal financial needs at competitive rates and flexible terms. Our loans range from car, motor home and boat loans to personal loans that you can use to purchase furniture or appliances, consolidate your accounts, or even travel. Visit one of our loan officers today.

Term of consideration of the loan application: from 2 minutes and not more than 2 days from the date of the borrower to the bank a full package of documents.

The conditions specified for the loan PCB “Consumer Loan without collateral” (hereinafter – the Loan). The maximum loan amount for borrowers who receive wages on the card PCB is 500.000 $, for other categories of borrowers – 300.000 $. Bank has the right to refuse to issue a loan without explanation. The total amount of the Loan and the interest rate for a particular borrower is determined by the Bank individually, depending on the assessment of the solvency of the borrower. Repayment of the loan – annuity payments. Change of conditions is made by the Bank unilaterally.

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