Maduro & Curiel’s Bank N.V. was founded on January 2, 1917 in Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. It was a time when the island needed to develop its banking sector and Joseph Alvarez Correa together with the well-known trading company S.E.L. Maduro & Sons NV opened Maduro’s Bank with a fixed capital of ANG 1,000,000, which is now approximately US$ 0.56. The bank got its name due to the merger of two banks in 1932: Maduro’s and Curiel’s Banks.

MCB strictly follows the international rule – Know-Your-Customer. Thus, the bank not only complies with local legislation, but also builds good relations with all its clients.
In addition, the bank offers a wide range of banking and financial products, which will attract numerous clients from all over the world.

It also guarantees a high level of confidentiality and protection of the client’s assets. But this also does not override international banking standards for money laundering. The bank thoroughly analyzes all suspicious transactions and works with its clients to obtain all necessary supporting documents.

Current account Commission:
Current account in local currency 7.50 NAf per month
Current account in EUR 7,50 EUR per month
Current account in USD/CAD 5.00 USD
Current account in GBP 5.00 GBP

Internal transfers on personal accounts Free of charge

Internal transfers from corporate to personal or corporate account 2.00 NAf

Transactions in foreign currency to MCB 2,00 NAf account

Transactions in foreign currency to another local bank or to a bank from MCB group 5,00 NAf

Incoming payments to MCB account in local currency NAf 10.00 NAf

Incoming payments to your account in USD, EUR. 10.00 NAf + 0.125% of the payment amount, maximum 500.00 NAf

Outgoing payments when using MCB@Home 0.1% of the payment amount, minimum 10.50 NAf maximum 500.00 NAf

Outgoing payments received in foreign currency in the branch 0.125% of the payment amount, minimum 15.00 NAf maximum 500.00 NAf + 0.5% currency exchange fee

Payments in foreign currency:

Outgoing swift payments, and also amount Commission USD/EUR
1.00-250.00 commission will be 0.00
250.01-500.00 – 10.00
500.00-1.000 – 15.00
1.000.01-5.000 – 30.00
5.000.01-10.000 – 60.00
10.000.01-50.000 – 75.00

Inbound Swift payments, amount Commission USD/EUR:
1.00-250.00 – 0.00
250.01-500.00 – 5.00
500.00-1.000 – 10.00
1.000.01-5.000 – 20.00
5.000.01-10.000 – 30.00
10.000.01-50.000 – 45,00/ 40,00
50.000+ 60,00/ 50,00

MCBDirect Corporate Internet Banking:
MCBDirect is a corporate internet bank for all corporate clients of the bank, which is an innovative solution introduced in 1999. This internet bank also includes MCB@Home and Personal internet bank.

What is MCBDirect Corporate?
MCBDirect Corporate is a system of commercial Internet banking, which is designed for use by companies and organizations 24/7 a week and is available anywhere in the world.
Thanks to MCBDirect Corporate Internet banking, the bank’s clients can perform the following activities:
Receive corporate account information – check the balance, receive account statements, view transactions for the last 90 days, as well as download information on account transactions.
Make payments – internal and outgoing;
Pay bills and invoices;
Transfer files – files created in other applications, such as payroll and accounts payable can be sent to the bank for processing.
Banking Services – Request a suspension of payments in case of loss or theft of a cheque book or to request a new one when necessary.

Internet Banking Commission
Monthly service fee Free of charge
Transactions between accounts Free of charge
Internal Bank Transaction Free
Statement Free of charge
MCB Direct Business
Monthly service fee Free of charge
Internal bank transaction 1.00 NAf

MCB Direct Corporate:
Monthly service fee includes one digital certificate
With 100.00 NAf file upload function
No file upload function 50.00 NAf
Additional certificate 10.00 NAf
Transactions between accounts 1,00 NAf

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