First Century Bank (FCB)

First Century Bank is located in Tasevell, Tennessee, USA and is part of the banking and credit union industry. FCB employs 83 people in all its offices and has sales volume of 19.77 million US dollars. The corporate family of First Century Bank includes 10 companies.

We can see that there was a successful association of ten organizations that complement each other organically. as a result, we have a Bank that combines customer care and the expansion of all services and opportunities. This provides an opportunity and confidence in the future prosperity of the Bank. More and more clients are joining this organization of the future.

As a full-service public bank, First Century Bank, NA, clients will deal directly with decision makers rather than with order makers. You do not have to wait long for the approval of the loan. FCB will focus on the needs of individuals and small and medium businesses. They have local ownership and management, and the staff consists of some of the best talents in the banking industry, staff who know you and our community.


Personal loans:
– For emergencies or any other important purchase.

– Payment may be automatically deducted from your current account.

– Usually the rates are lower than for a credit card!

– From 6.5% per annum

Housing loans:
– Buying.

– Refinancing.

– Payments are designed for up to 20 years.

– The term of 5 years with air payment at the end of the term.

Credit cards:
An easy and convenient way to quickly access your money. The Bank offers loans for various types of real estate from apartments to Parking spaces. This takes into account the income of co-borrowers, including those who are not relatives, as well as the possibility of using maternity capital.

– It is accepted as a payment card, but works like a check.

– Save time by not writing checks.

– Use it wherever MasterCard cards are accepted.

– Receive cash whenever you want – as an ATM card.

– Free delivery anywhere in the city

No need to follow the money to the office – save time with free delivery of credit. Our employee will bring a debit card with the money, when and where you want. You can sign all the necessary documents and immediately get the money.
45 days before the first payment! More time from loan processing to payment – more time to enjoy your purchase and prepare for repayment!

Make payments or repay the loan early in any convenient way – in the mobile application, online banking, ATMs or branches. Quickly, simply, without commission.

Also, a special product offers First Century Bank for immigrants, which is based in Georgia. Its product – a credit card called CreditStacks (issued under the license of MasterCard), promoted under the slogan The first card in your wallet (the first card in your purse). To apply, which you can fill out before moving to the U.S., you do not need SSN, as well as local income, the credit limit is up to $5 thousand (rate 17.24%). In 2018, the project was the winner of two startup batches.

General conditions:
– optionally with the amount of credit over $ 400.000 document to choose from:
– copy of the document on the car owned;
– a copy of a foreign passport with passport control stamps confirming the fact of travel abroad during the last 12 months;
– a copy of a voluntary health insurance policy;
– copy of the employment record book;
– a copy of a voluntary vehicle insurance policy;
– statement of any bank on debit/paid/deposit account; the amount of account balances not less than $15.000.

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